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Having reunited the far-flung members of the Crackan family for a gathering where patriarch Joshua will decide which one of them should be his heir, Jeff tells Marty he wants to end their ...DOWNLOAD











































Having reunited the far-flung members of the Crackan family for a gathering where patriarch Joshua will decide which one of them should be his heir, Jeff tells Marty he wants to end their partnership. However, when members of the Crackan clan start to get murdered it is Marty who saves the situation by communicating with Fay, the last survivor, as she goes into a trance assisting a stage hypnotist and getting her to call the police and Jeff is made to re-consider his hasty decision. Great acting, and a good storyline in which Randall decides to go solo, and wants Marty to disappear, but of course the ghost comes to his rescue (again), and he thwarts the devious Hodder and his boss (brilliant characters from the old school acting brigade)in their dastardly plot. Why the police weren't involved earlier is a valid question, but it would have spoilt the fun! Nice to see Liz Fraser guest starring in this episode, in which the lovely Annette Andre plays only a small part. The interesting aspect of Randall and Hopkirk is how many stars who appear went on to star in other shows. So pleased that ITV4 are repeating this great series again! BIG SPOILERS

Jeff Randall (Mike Pratt) is hired by the elderly millionaire Joshua Crackan (Felix Aylmer) to trace his nephew, Johnny, who is an escaped convict. Randall succeeds in tracing him in order to deliver an invitation to a family reunion at Crackan Manor. Joshua then rehires Randall to be the doorman at his house to ensure that only those with invitations show up at the manor. The people invited are the Spanish Ramon (Earl Green), the American Reverand Henry Crackan (Neil McCallam), the Chinese Sung Lee Crackan (John A Tinn) and the stage performer Fay Crackan (Liz Frase) Meanwhile, Randall decides that he wishes to dissolve his posthumous partnership with the Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) telling him that he has managed to trace Joshua's nephew on his own and that he doesn't want a ghost haunting him all the time. Back at Crackan Manor, Joshua reveals to his family that he has reunited them in order to decide which of them would make a suitable heir to the Crackan estate when he dies. Jeff is now faced with the challenge of finding out which one of the Crackan's is murdering the family one by one alone in order to lay claim to the estate. Jeff finally discovers that Joshua and his trusted manservant Hodder (Meredith Edwards) are in fact responsible for the killings because Joshua wants Hodda to inherit as he felt that none of his remaining descendants were suitable heirs. Jeff is overpowered when he refuses to reveal where Fay Crackan is hiding. Jeff now regrets what he said to Marty but he needn't have worried as he has been working on the case the whole time and he traces Fay to a London theatre where she is working for Mesmero (Dick Bentley), a hypnotist. Whilst Fay is in a trance during an act, Marty is able to communicate with her and get a message through to the police saving both her and Jeff and Joshua and Hodder are both arrested for the murders...

Overall, It's Supposed To Be Thicker Than Water, is a solidly enjoyable entry into this classic series, the cult status of which has grown considerably over the years. It is helped enormously by a solid supporting cast including the ever reliable Felix Aylmer, Liz Fraser and even regular Hammer horror character actor Michael Ripper puts in an appearance as a shifty punter at a bookmakers whom Jeff pushes for information to find out the whereabouts of Johnny Crackan. The direction is by Leslie Norman who is the father of one of the UK's most famous film critics, Barry Norman. If you are trying to convert somebody to the show then this isn't a bad place to start as the script features some good chemistry between Pratt and Cope as no matter how much they fall out or try to outdo each other, they cannot do without each other as more often than not Jeff would have ended up dead along time ago if Marty wasn't there to get him out of trouble. In life, Marty was always a worrier and Jeff the happy go lucky one, but Marty was somewhat brighter whereas Jeff has the tendency to rush into things without thinking. Plot wise, the film is basically good macabre fun even if its not a particularly taxing mystery also aided by atmospheric sets and the lighting of Gerald Moss. That's not very important anyway as it is the chemistry between the two leads that counts more here.


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